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The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) conducted its annual national food drive on Saturday, May 13. Since its inception in 1993, NALC's food drive had helped feed millions of Americans.

The Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive, renowned as the country's largest one-day food drive, provided residents with a convenient way to donate food to those in need. The donated food items stayed within each community, making a direct impact on local residents.

Throughout the years, active and retired letter carriers, along with volunteers from their communities, had collected an astounding 1.82 billion pounds of food through the national food drive.

During this event, residents were encouraged to leave their donations of non-perishable food items next to their mailboxes. They were urged to use sturdy bags containing items such as canned soup, canned vegetables, canned meats and fish, pasta, rice, or cereal.

On that day, the nation's 200,000 letter carriers collected these generous food donations as they delivered mail along their postal routes. The collected items were then distributed to local food banks, pantries, shelters, and churches, ensuring that those in need received the necessary assistance.

The NALC's annual food drive had proven to be a remarkable success, making a significant difference in addressing hunger across the nation. This event exemplified the collective effort of individuals, communities, and various organizations coming together to combat food insecurity and provide support to those facing uncertain meal situations.

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