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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I properly send in my last punch picture and writeup?
    When you are about to retire, or if you know someone who is going to retire, please make sure you follow these guidelines. If you are planning on retiring and you wish to send in a picture, make sure your picture is taken from the waist up, and please make sure your picture is taken at the time clock. Do not send in a full-length picture. We will have to crop it, and chances are the picture will come out clearer if it is close. Before you send the picture, please, please take the time to make sure your picture comes out clear. Look at the pictures, and if it looks blurry to you then it is going to turn out that way. Your picture will not look good once it has been printed. What you see is what you get! You can send at least two pictures for us to choose from. Remember, this is your last punch you will ever make at the post office, and it is important that your picture turns out good! Whether you are sending the write up for your co-worker or if you are sending it in for yourself, please make sure you have the following information: Full name Name of the station where they made their last punch. Date of retirement How many years they worked for the post office? How many years they served in the military and which branch. What you plan on doing once you are retired Take the time to make sure the picture(s) are clear. If you have an older phone, ask a co-worker to take the picture for you. You can send all your information to me at or text me at 281-935-4131. If you send it to my email, please put in the subject bar RETIREMENT PICTURE and text me so that I will know you sent me an email. If you wish to text me the information, just make sure that I received everything you have sent. Thank you for helping make yours or your co-workers retirement picture a memorable one!  
  • Where can I find steward forms? Select the link above to access the latest forms.
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