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Auxiliary 98

That dog cannot help, but the auxiliary can! Space City Auxiliary No.98 to Space City Branch 283 of the National Association of Letter carriers was organized in 1927. The first president was Margaret Steele who worked diligently to pave the way for those officers who would follow. Although the original charter was known as the "Ladies Auxiliary," Auxiliary No. 98 is proud to boast, "We have men in our auxiliary."

The object of the auxiliary is to unite family members of regular, retired, or deceased members of Branch 283 of Houston, and to assist in any way possible to better the working conditions of letter carriers and their families. Members actively support COLCPE and are very active in contacting members of Congress on issues supporting letter carriers. Auxiliary No. 98 encourages all male and female letter carriers to ask eligible member of their families to become members and join in the "PARTNERS FOR PROGRESS INTO THE NEW MILLENNIUM." Together we cannot fail to protect the jobs of letter carriers for the future.

Auxiliary No. 98 is fortunate to be associated with Branch 283 of Houston. They are very supportive of the auxiliary. Without their support, this page would not be possible. The Auxiliary helps with branch activities when they are needed. Of special interest to Auxiliary 98 is the opportunity to assist with the parties for the retirees and for letter carriers and their families at Christmas.

The officers of Space City Auxiliary are Jeanette Easter, President; Maria Reyes, Vice-President and Financial Secretary; Gina Matthews, Secretary/Treasurer; Wendell Jackson, Sargent-at-Arms; and Charlene Simmons, Color Bearer. Wendell Jackson and Theresa Simmons serve as Trustees.

Some of the members have reached the fifty-year membership status, but the auxiliary is also fortunate that it has younger active members. The president may be reached at 281-422-9627 for information regarding the auxiliary.

Eligibility for membership in the auxiliary: Members consist of spouses, "significant other," and family members over age 16 of regular, retired, or deceased members of the NALC, provided a deceased member was in good standing at the time of their death.

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